I recently came back from Mexico where I was speaking at a conference with the blackheart gang. Apart from that I bought a Valiant which I’m pimping out at the moment. I’ll upload later pictures this month.

October 09’s feature was the Blackheart gangs’ coffee table book, The Tale of how. If you wanna get yourself a copy check out our online shop at http://theblackheartgang.com/shop/

Here’s something I wrote for our “other” site, and some pictures of the book.

If a book was a hat:
If we were to imagine that a coffee table was a person, then the Tale of How coffee table book should be considered to be some sort of fabulous wig or magical hat that the above-mentioned person could wear out to parties and things. Theses Parties will probably share very little resemblance to your average “birthday-cake-and-balloon” jobs.

The Tale of How is a bitter dark fantasy. Following the success of the Tale of How animation, The Blackheart Gang finally got round to finish the final stage of the project by creating a coffee table book. The 40 page book includes a DVD with the animation, the print series and a biography of the author and the never before heard account of how the Blackheart gang murdered the above mentioned author and stole his story.

The Tale of How coffee table book makes for a great present for children and widows alike.