Mysterio is my latest project. My name is Markus and I’m a composer, published author and internationally acclaimed dj. I also really enjoy writing music for television and film.

I use this page as a sort of journal, all work related stuff can be found under the Work,work, work section.

This months feature is one of Three animated shorts I am doing for EA games. It’s for the game American McGee’s Alice, a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. I wrote the stories and composed the music.
Have a look:

I recently came back from Mexico where I was speaking at a conference with the blackheart gang. Apart from that I bought a Valiant which I’m pimping out at the moment. I’ll upload later pictures this month.
Ree and I stay in an old mental asylum, these days it looks more like a museum though:

Her name is an Anagram, is the name of a mix I recorded at a party at our place this month. Ghost in the shell inspired dark techno. Hope you enjoy

Big thanks to Ian Engelbrecht for the photos.
Also be sure to check out some of the new videos I uploaded under Work Work Work.